hello lovely lil peaches! today is my blog’s first birthday and what perfect way to celebrate with a follow forever, yay (n__n)v my blogging style and bias groups have changed since i created this blog so i would just like to thank all of my followers, old and new, for putting up with me despite going through a bunch of phases ;u;; i appreciate and love every single one of you ♡ also through this website (though i may have met some of you through twitter), i met such wonderful people whom i’d consider great friends, even if we’ve lost touch and i just— //huggles and kisses all of you// thank you for making my tumblr experience hella :~)

below is a list of blogs i admire bc wow i can stay in your archives forever. this list also applies for my sideblogs: dngowoo and timbeur so i’m really thankful if you follow those accounts as well ((shameless self promo lmao)) (◠‿◠✿)

italics = mutuals / friends / tlist
bolded = current tumblr crushes

# - e : 90lh | acciomyungsoo | amazitaoahniasiaaddiction | astrospace | baebum | baekhyunaebaexlo | bamaro | buxiban |  byeolvixxbynbae | caramelight | cha-nnnnn | chahakyun | chnsoo | chyeols | cxltydewusionaleunoos

f - j : ffnj | florensichailanqs | hakyeonshakyeunshanseluhimchxnhomilks hoyeu | hvun | hyeokhypertone hyuks | hyukson | inscentragr8u | greaseuguixian | gyuuri | jaehveon | jaehwanyjitokkies | joghyun | jonqchanjongeopsjoonmyeonnjpglay | jungchas

k - o : kentvkimseokjinskrismegoodnight | ladmilk | laemin | leejieunluhandeizluhars | m-lkhun | maknaehmilkclubsmisoki | monoka | my-seoulmatemyeongteamyeonq | mynqsoo | myungbin | myunginmyungshii | namjaenamnambunny | namwooonhyung | noteclueokaisshi

p - t : peripheralspestale | pilsukspoutiney | qolour | ryoues1cas | sahllisehduction | sehetheral | sehukaisehunetcseouldreams | seouleneshinspiritshinwoossikeu | snqyeolssoekjinssonnaeuns | soonjuns | sugassymptonsuhotness | ta-ekwoon | taehyunastaenggyu | taeyhungstaohnus taoshikteahuna

u - z : vitaminsoo | vkunvvhiteconfession | wonnshikxieunie | y-onginyadyadoong | yeoliyeolshim | yeowlsyesung | yifaans

i swear i almost put my entire blogroll here because i adore everyone that i follow and i do have a tendency to forget some people so pls do check that out too!!!

thank you so so much again!

much love,
lorraine ♡

hi everyone c;

Real V! V.I.X.X

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introducing … han sanghyuk┌ happy birthday to our special and most hardworking maknae! ♥
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thank you so much you’re so sweet :-) made my day!

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